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IWE International Women’s Evening chair, Mashikwane Rebecca Mohuba

I just want to take this opportunity to firstly thank the IWC to give me such an amazing environment and experience with a lot of opportunities and a rich international community to refer as your home. To also extend my sincere gratitude to the Steering Committee to make my dreams come true by appointing me in one of their committee positions as the IWE, International Women's Evening chair.

This is the most exciting time in my life and I am looking forward to work with such a big and reputable organization.

To Alina Jaravine, my predecessor, you are an amazing woman and you have done an incredible work, the short space of time that I met and have known you means a lot.

To those who do not know me, I came to Moscow in August 2019. My introduction to IWC was through the email that I sent to them about membership prior my arrival in Moscow. I was excited to receive their response with an invitation to their Coffee Morning meetings, two weeks away from my arrival. That on its own said a lot about the organization and I never looked back.

I have been active in most of the organization’s activities and my highlight was the Winter Bazaar, which I volunteered to be part of the team; and this exposed me to the club and opportunities that are available.

I am excited and grateful for the opportunity that the club has afforded me of being appointed as the newly IWE chair.

I am new in the field, but I am willing to learn through the process and also to share knowledge, experience and  skills acquired in all the works that I have done and have been  engaged with.

IWE is a platform that creates a opportunistic space for all women to support each other.

In my past experience and diplomatic life, I have been working with women, schools, churches and organizations for the same course of impacting the lives of those in need, that included women in different spaces of life.

Through IWC, women are encouraged to be part of these regular events in order to connect and build themselves in more creative ways. I am more than prepared to ensure that this IWC goal through IWE event is achieved.

Women globally are thriving for change and I enthusiastically want to be part of making their dreams come true and use the support of the Steering Committee that is available to ensure that it happens.

I have learned a lot from the Steering Committee and I appreciate all the work that they are doing. All together, as a team, we are able to bring knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and different personalities that makes a great team.

IWE has created social platforms that will want to engage with you!! Please support us through your regular comments and feedback on our Facebook Page, Instagram and via email

Looking forward to be of a great service to you and together we can create memories

Mashikwane Rebecca Mohuba

Kind Regards

Mashi Mohuba


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