Previously known as Professional Women’s Evenings, the name has been changed because every woman is welcome whether they are working or not.

What is the concept of these evenings?

We all know that the IWC is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote friendship and cultural exchange between women of all nationalities in Moscow. Our membership mainly consists of women who have followed their husbands on diplomatic or business assignments, and of female business professionals who have come to Russia in connection with their own careers.

We started the International Women's Evenings in 2014 to create an opportunity for socializing and networking between working expat women (guests) and IWC members. Some of our IWC members are working and some are not, but like to keep up with developments in business life even though they have put their own career temporarily on hold. The purpose of the evenings is to be inspired by a lecture given by a working woman and to exchange information. If you know such a woman whom you think could be a possible, guest speaker; please let me know at

For the dates and venue please see the Events page.