IWC Winter Bazaar 

The Winter Bazaar is the IWC’s largest annual charity fundraiser, and an important social and cultural event organized by the International Women's Club of Moscow. It represents about two-thirds of the Club’s annual charity revenue.

The continual success of the IWC Winter Bazaars depends on the generosity and support from Embassies and the business community. This annual event does not only aim at meeting its charity objectives, but also at providing a program of solidarity and fun to the thousands of foreign and local participants.
The profits from the Bazaar go integrally to various charity projects monitored and supervised by the IWC Charities Group.


Embassies from all over the world sell their traditional products and food, and many of them lend their country’s musicians, dancers and other performers for the event’s cultural program. Local and foreign visitors enjoy the warm atmosphere, wander the halls of the Winter Bazaar and discover exotic holiday gifts and nostalgic goodies from home at the very diverse event. Under the direction of the IWC’s President, we strive to make the Winter Bazaar every year more successful than the previous years, thanks to the support of approximately 50 embassies, 4500 visitors, dozens of volunteers and numerous generous partners.
Most of the Embassies start the preparations as soon as early September to showcase the best products of their countries! If you have more tips or comments about the existing ones, do not hesitate to contact the Winter Bazaar Team at
We look forward to continuing our great relationships with embassies, sponsors, press and all of our visitors. Participate in the IWC Winter Bazaar and discover the world.

How to take part in the Winter Bazaar

If you’d like to be part  actively of this event, this chapter tells you how to help and make it a success! If you don’t fit in any category or have another idea, please write to

*For embassies

Embassies are at the very core of the IWC Winter Bazaar. Without their support, the event wouldn’t exist. An Embassy can take part by organizing a stand at the Bazaar where they sell crafts, goods and food from the country the Embassy represents in Moscow.

All profit the Embassy makes is given to the IWC Treasury present at the Bazaar, and this money is then donated to the IWC Charities organisation. If the Embassy is unable to take part in the event but would like to contribute, they can donate items for the large Raffle which is organized at the Winter Bazaar, or donate money to our Charities Having a stand at the IWC Winter Bazaar gives an Embassy the chance to introduce and promote their home country’s national products, cuisine and culture.

*For companies

Besides Embassies, companies are the second largest contributors to the IWC Winter Bazaar. A company can donate goods or food to an Embassy stall, which then sells the goods at their Bazaar stall. Another option is to support the IWC Charities directly by donating money to the IWC Treasuryor goods for the large raffle which is held at the Bazaar.
The Embassies can display your company’s logo at their stand when selling your goods. When you are donating directly to the IWC, your logo gets visibility among our members and Winter Bazaar visitors.

*For IWC volunteers

Whether you are an IWC member or not, you can join the Winter Bazaar as a volunteer. We need a lot of extra hands to organize such a big event! 
We need a lot of people who can help at the event itself. Our Steering Committee simply isn’t numerous enough to handle this on our own! Volunteers can really save the day with their energy and enthusiasm. A few examples of tasks at the Bazaar are: sell and check tickets at the front desk, guide Embassy staff to their stalls in the morning, coordinate the cultural performers, be at the information desk, sell raffle tickets and assist at the raffle, guide Embassy staff to the Treasury room, or coordinate your fellow volunteers!
Volunteer shifts are two hours long, you can choose how many shifts you want to take on. Contact us to have more information you need, write to  and receive the volunteer registration form.
We will have a volunteer information session where you will learn about your tasks and timings, and can ask questions. It’s warmly recommended to attend this session as it makes the Winter Bazaar go a lot more smoothly. There is no entry fee for volunteers who work for two or more hours at the Bazaar.

*For visitor

Of course we wouldn’t be able to raise any money for our charities without visitors! You’re already contributing by buying a ticket for the IWC Winter Bazaar, and with every item you buy from the Embassy stands, you’re helping some more. It’s a unique chance to find items from all over the world just before the holidays, so you can make your friends and relatives happy with a special gift, and the people we support happy with your contribution!
Besides shopping, you can enjoy the international atmosphere, buy raffle tickets for a chance to win great prizes, taste exotic foods and drinks, and relax while watching a cultural show.

*For cultural performers

If you are a performer, or group of performers, who can give a show related to a specific culture, country or region, you can also take part in the IWC Winter Bazaar. Between 11:30 AM and 4:00 PM, shows ranging from three to twenty minutes in duration can be staged in the conference hall at the Winter Bazaar. If you have a contact at an Embassy, please inquire whether they take part in the IWC Winter Bazaar and can take you under their wing. If not, please write to
with a description of your performance. Please keep in mind that your show should be related to a specific culture or tradition and that performers aren’t paid-everyone works as a volunteer at the Bazaar.

After Winter Bazaar

Right after the IWC Winter Bazaar, we organise a Thank You lunch for Embassy representatives and the IWC volunteers. We hope to see you there to receive your feedback and get the opportunity to thank you properly.