List of Charity projects we are financing in 2019-2020

In season 2019-2020 we supported our charity projects with donations of 6,802,150 rubles.

Thanks to all donor

Tourmaline was founded in 2003 in Moscow. Its main goal is the improvement of
people’s lives through rehabilitation, work and social integration.
Among other creative activities, volunteers and benefactors have lunch together. They set the table, clean up, teach social skills
and norms of behavior at the table. IWC has been financing food and drink supplies for these lunches since 2013.

Charity Fund "Metis" has existed for over 20 years helping children from mixed families whose fathers left to their motherland and do not support their families.
Children are brought up by single mothers and sometimes by grandmothers. They are low-income large families and some of them with disable children.
Metis is involved in different programs: educational, food support (IWC), organization of parties for those children and others.
IWC has been supporting this organization providing food bags for those families since 2015.

The project's aim is to help foreign students in Russia to find a family environment in Russia to help them overcome problems linked with loneliness (depression, alcoholism, drug-addiction, aids, racism) through religious, cultural and social events. IWC has been supporting this project with food supply and also supporting students who are single mothers since 2003. Around 150 people get help every month.

Sister Paola and Sister Anna Maria are members of the Contemplative Missionary Movement “P. de Foucauld”. They came to Moscow in 1994 and since then they are working with old, poor and homeless people. Now they are operating in two different ways. Every week, on Saturday evening, in the public garden in front of Kievskaia train station, they distribute food and medicines to homeless and to old women who, from years, live at the station. They are also trying to create a relationship with them, as these people need not only stuff but, most of all, friends, people who take care of them. On another side, they work with poor families. For them they buy basic food needs and medicines and, again, they try to be close to them also from an “aemotional” point of view. At the moment, they support about 100 people (homeless and old women) and 15 families.
Sister Paola and Sister Anna Maria have received support and financial help from IWC since 2014

Charity Foundation «Big Change» was founded in 2002. Orphans (from orphanages/orphanage graduates/ adopted or from foster families) participated in various educational programs run by the charity. Majority of those who access the services of Big Change are teenagers with little chance to be adopted by a family or orphanages graduates who are facing many difficulties when entering adulthood. The main aim of the project is to help orphans develop autonomy. Depending on the individual’s needs, teachers may help him/her with preparation for exams to enter colleges and universities or/and offer practical advice on career path. Since many orphans usually find little interest in education, mentors at the Big Change try to help them to regain interest in studying by offering individual approach based on trust and respect. They also teach them how to deal with various problems and encourage them to take responsibility for their own lives. Moreover, the foundation organises extra-curiculum activities for students, such as biology field trip- a 10 days trip for students. During this trip students live in summer house in a village. They can experience live outside orphanage: for instance, they stay over night in the woods and cook over a fire. They also study birds, mushrooms, plants and animal tracks. In house they organize everyday life by themselves. Each participant has a duty to prepare food. It is an invaluable experience for the children who have grown up in closed institution.
There are 30 teachers in the foundation and 50 – 70 students between 14 – 35 years old.
All children come from orphanage and are divided into three groups: Mentally and physically disabled children, Healthy children, Adopted children (also their new families are supported by Big Change if necessary), IWC has been supporting this organization since 2015.

Speransky hospital treats children suffering from burns. IWC has been supporting these patients and their families since 2013. It finances Puppet shows and the purchase of different rehabilitation materials. It also helps patients and their families individually. IWC volunteers provide English classes for doctors and medical staff.

Sheradar is a charity foundation that welcomes children who have overcome oncological diseases and their siblings, aged from 7 to 17 for the free rehabilitation programs. At present they organize 5 rehabilitation sessions per year accepting about 90-100 children in one session. In addition, since 2018, they have started family programs for families with children 0-6 years old who have overcome cancer. Until now there have been 34 rehabilitation programs, more than 2,000 children from Russia and some other countries visited the programs. IWC has been supporting different parts of this projects since 2014, buying mini refrigerators for storing food and bactericidal lamps to fight viruses in homes where children live( this is the request for year 2020-2021). In addition, they ask for support to buy a bus for volunteers from Moscow to Sheredar( the camps are three hours out of Moscow city). Volunteers help organize programs and work with children. 60-70 volunteers come to one program. Support is also needed in the purchase of necessary medicines for children and stationery for interesting activities.

The organization runs an orphanage for disabled orphans who have no way of supporting themselves. Originally brought in as children, they are now adults but with no skills to support themselves and therefore continue to be supported by Mother Teresa’s organization. Also they run a shelter for homeless works on finding addicted homeless adults who are in need of medical assistance. Once they are treated for their medical needs, they can continue staying at the shelter until they are better, cured of their addictions and find ways to support themselves. The organization also runs a soup kitchen.

Don Bosco is a Charitable children Center named after Ioann Bosco (was found in 1995), supporting 12 children living in two flats on Malaya Gruzinskaya and another 40 recieve food. Later in 1999 with a sponsorship help - an old kindergarten was bought and rebuilt. The center started to operate in 2001 and received donations from IWC.
It’s not an orphanage, but a shelter run by a Catholic order, as children live there up to 3 years, many of them have parents, which at the moment cannot take care of them.

MPC Social Services began serving Moscow in 1991 and was officially registered as a charity in 2008.
In November 1991, MPC started several soup kitchens in Moscow. The programs over the years have expanded according to the ever-changing needs of the community they serve, the poor and marginalized in Moscow that are living in Russia without a strong social network to ensure safety, security and health. Russian pensioners, single mothers, immigrants and refugees receive care including access to food, medical consultation, clothing and shelter.
IWC has been helping the Moscow protestant chapel to assist low income pensioneers . The project’s aim is to provide food assistance twice per month to 120 low-income Russian pensioneers. MPC is focused on food subsidies, which is always a need for pensioners, but is also aware of another need: the importance for these people (most of them are alone, with no families nearby) of meeting “friends”. MPC is working on a “fellowship program” - providing tea and cookies and space for conversation - so as the pensioners have the opportunity not only to pick up food bags but also to spend time together.

The project’s aim is food assistance twice per month to low income Russian families (45 single-parents and large families, 140 individuals in total).
The target is fundamental: help the most vulnerable of all, children living in poverty, with lack of food and adequate healthcare.
The program is held at MPC’s Parish Center.

The project’s aim is to provide medical assistance to refugees and migrants who cannot afford it by themselves. MPC provides free medical consultations, medicine, X-ray and analyses. Patients are always increasing, most of all pregnant women. For this reason, now the Medical Advice Centre is going to work one day more specially to help women, not only with medical consultations but also by assisting them in securing the necessary documents and medical analysis to give birth.

IWC is financing the rend of a flat for homeless people

The situation with Corona is affecting the homeless population in Moscow dramatically. Many organizations have stopped the distribution of food, the parishes are closed, the restaurants are closed and it is difficult to find food in the city, the "desert" in the city does not allow the poor to find help easily. In this situation the Community of Sant'Egidio in Moscow has decided not to close its services, which have actually intensified. Currently every day a service of Sant'Egidio volunteers is open (distribution of meals on the street, listening and laundry center, etc.). However, the costs have increased significantly, because the volume of help we give has increased (distribution of wet wipes, disinfectant, drinking water, etc.) and because the number of people who turn to our organization has grown. IWC is financing "humanitarian kits" (each costs around 250 rubles) for about 300 people per week.
In “Humanitarian kits” there are: hot meal, fruit, canned food, wet wipe, bottle of water, bread, disinfectant, etc.”.

IWC is financing food for a disabled woman and her 15 year old son. It has also been providing medical and food supply to a family with a disabled child for a number of years.

Although most of the projects are located in Moscow, IWC is supporting two main projects in Siberia. The first one is managed by a priest in Siberia who supports adults with difficult living conditions. IWC is providing food to the social center. The other one is financing creative skill masterclasses once a month for handicapped adults in Tomsk.