List of Charity projects we are financing in 2021-2022

In season 2020-2021 we supported our charity projects with donations of 4,790,800 rubles.

Thanks to all donors

Tourmaline was founded in 2003 in Moscow. Its main goal is the improvement of
people’s lives through rehabilitation, work and social integration.
Among other creative activities, volunteers and benefactors have lunch together. They set the table, clean up, teach social skills
and norms of behavior at the table. IWC has been financing food and drink supplies for these lunches since 2013.

Charity Fund "Metis" has existed for over 20 years helping children from mixed families whose fathers left to their motherland and do not support their families.
Children are brought up by single mothers and sometimes by grandmothers. They are low-income large families and some of them with disable children.
Metis is involved in different programs: educational, food support (IWC), organization of parties for those children and others.
IWC has been supporting this organization providing food bags for those families since 2015.

Don Bosco is a Charitable children Center named after Ioann Bosco (was found in 1995), supporting 12 children living in two flats on Malaya Gruzinskaya and another 40 recieve food. Later in 1999 with a sponsorship help - an old kindergarten was bought and rebuilt. The center started to operate in 2001 and received donations from IWC.
It’s not an orphanage, but a shelter run by a Catholic order, as children live there up to 3 years, many of them have parents, which at the moment cannot take care of them.

IWC is financing the rend of a flat for homeless people

The situation with Corona is affecting the homeless population in Moscow dramatically. Many organizations have stopped the distribution of food, the parishes are closed, the restaurants are closed and it is difficult to find food in the city, the "desert" in the city does not allow the poor to find help easily. In this situation the Community of Sant'Egidio in Moscow has decided not to close its services, which have actually intensified. Currently every day a service of Sant'Egidio volunteers is open (distribution of meals on the street, listening and laundry center, etc.). However, the costs have increased significantly, because the volume of help we give has increased (distribution of wet wipes, disinfectant, drinking water, etc.) and because the number of people who turn to our organization has grown. IWC is financing "humanitarian kits" (each costs around 250 rubles) for about 300 people per week.
In “Humanitarian kits” there are: hot meal, fruit, canned food, wet wipe, bottle of water, bread, disinfectant, etc.”.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Community of St.Egidio increased its services in the city of Moscow to respond to the new needs and the new poverty created by the economic crisis. Among the new projects launched, there is the "Center on Giliarovskij", a center where the elderly, the poor, and large families can come to collect a package of food and clothes once a month. The project, which requires a special place to store food and clothes has also become an eco-sustainable project. In fact, the center has become a place where anyone can bring used clothes, which are rearranged and donated. The center, which is open twice a week for visitors, currently has about 500 members enrolled. In the center, customers can choose and try clothes on, like in a real boutique. This choice is much appreciated by visitors to the center, also because it restores dignity to the people marked by need and poverty.