As part of the IWCs program, we offer international and local businesses, companies, and organizations to partner with us in support of the many activities that we carry out, with the main goal to contribute and assist IWCs Charities. With so many still living under less than ideal conditions, and your capacity to help, we believe that together we can build partnerships that improve the lives of those around us. At the same time, our partnership offers you access and visibility to our many members from the international community. Below are information on becoming our partners:

PARTNER’S benefits:

  • Possibility to help and reach as many people in need as possible
  • Advertisement and promotion of your organization and/or programs directly to our members as well as IWCs wide-reaching channels, such as website, monthly Newsletter and social media (FB, IG)
  • Access to exclusive and preferred clients as well as their extended contacts
  • Promotional and marketing opportunities through involvement in our activities, showcasing your products and services

How to become our partner

Your options:

  • Take part or sponsor activities such as Coffee Morning, Meet and Greet, and special fundraising events (concerts, bazaars, cultural festivities, etc)
  • Take part in events/program held by embassies and other partners
  • Attend our Annual and Half-year Sign-up Members Meetings - by invitation(held in February and September)
  • Make a contribution or donation to our charity events and/or Annual and Half-year Sign-up Members Meetings
  • Join our special agreement program to promote your company through our website and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Advertise through IWC monthly Newsletter
  • Join our special corporate agreement program by providing IWC Members with Rewards (such as discounts, free event access , etc) to be advertised on this website For further information or to discuss options, please contact the IWC Partnership Chair at


Our partners have sponsored many of our charity projects, which include donations and contributions to children centers, foodbags, the homeless, the elderly, the disabled, and marginalized communities. Support from our partners mainly take form in their involvement in our activities, by providing us much needed and specific contributions, such as sponsoring or hosting events, funding, donations in kind, raffle gifts, auction items, clothing, food products, etc. We are grateful to each and every one of our partners for their continued support in enabling us to assist those who are most in need. We also welcome various initiatives and suggestions that partners may have on how we can assist our charities. Further information on what has been delivered can also be found on our Newsletters under the ‘Charity’ section.


There are numerous causes that we want to pursue and more assistance that we would like to deliver to those in needTogether with our IWC Charity board, we can provide you information and illustration of our current and future projects. Our main goal as an organization is not only to provide a forum for our members to gather, but that in doing so, we benefit the community around us. As Moscow becomes our home, we would like to join hands with partners, to do something for the people of this home.
Our Charities Board may be contacted at

Member’s rewards

Our Partners’ Special Offers for IWC Members

We are privileged to work with some prestigious partners, who support us in our diverse activities through their donations and sponsorships in our Coffee Morning, Meet & Greet, IWC Evening, and Winter Bazaar, to name a few.


A-Fitness Kislovsky is a 5-star sports and fitness club located in the center of Moscow, with the latest fitness club interiors, complete with a fully equipped gym, spa, sauna, 25-meter indoor pool, Turkish hammam, group and personal training classes with over 100 classes a week. Group classes include fitness and dance classes.

IWC members are exclusively offered 25% discount on the membership fee. Stay fit and happy and contact A-Fitness at Bolshoy Kislovsky 9, Moscow; Tel +7 (495) 221 89 28


Welcome Abroad Relocations is specialized in all your relocation services from home finding, moving, visa, immigration solutions to 24/7 support.

Our team of expatriates and local staff has been a leader in the field of Relocation in Moscow since 2004.
Contact us to get a FREE consultation and receive a 10% discount by giving the code IWC + 7 495 229 67 00


Olga Kudina is a professional photographer based in Moscow, providing high quality photography and teaching to individuals and legal entities. 10+ years experience in family and individual photography, business portraiture, brand photography, family and corporate events in both Russian and English languages makes Olga a unique top quality service provider with her personal artistic touch.

Olga Kudina is giving an exclusive offer to IWC members, from now until the end of August 2023: 10% discount on the first 2-hour Photoshoot Package, and 5% discount on the first 1-hour Photoshoot Package.
To book, please contact Olga directly and use a promo code IWC to get your 10% or 5% discount: For direct order, this offer is valid upon presentation of IWC card.
Via IG:
or WhatsApp/call: +7 926 067 92 39


Carré Russe is a concept store based in Moscow, retailing Russian-made home and fashion accessories designed by selected designers. Stylish and elegant accessories are carefully handpicked by the brand’s French owner, Stephanie, who makes the store unique with her very personal touch.

Carré Russe is giving an exclusive offer to IWC members, from September 2022 until August 2023: 10% discount on the first article purchased (available via direct purchase from the showroom) and subsequent items will be given at a discount of 5%.
For online shopping, click on the weblink and use promo code: IWC2022 to get 5% discount. For direct purchase, this offer is valid upon presentation of your IWC card with purple or black lanyards.
Contact: Tel./WhatsApp/+7 (900)357 22 46; Tel.: /+7 (925) 491 49 13


Sugreff Tea tells the story of diverse Russia through the language of tea blends, folk costumes, and various historically certified illustrations and texts. It has not only gastronomic, but also educational, and even uniting value, since tea is the only everyday drink enjoyed by representatives of more than 200 ethno-cultural groups in Russia. They are excellent quality tea blends, great for your personal consumption and are perfect presents for families and friends. Our partner SUGREFF, who specialise in delicious Russian teas, is glad to offer a special discount of 10% to our IWC members for this season starting September 2022-August 23 for online shopping. The promotion code is SUGREFF_2021. For purchases individual or group, of over 50,000 RUB, a 15% discount is extended to IWC members. To order and get your discount, click on the link:

GMS (Global Medical System)

GMS Clinic provides world-class medical care. From expert physicians and state-of-the-art equipment to the most comfortable and convenient services, they have everything you need to take care of your family’s health.
Special offer for IWC members and their families for the season starting September 2022- August 2023: 10% discount for clinical services, including dental treatment, + a permanent 30% discount when paying in cash or by card. Therefore, IWC members will get a 40% discount in total. Please note members need to bring their lanyards to show at front desk to be eligible for the discount.


Special offer for IWC members from US DENTAL CARE:
Come for your visit and get a discount on professional teeth cleaning – pay 10,500 rubles instead of 12,700 rubles AND 10% discount on any other treatment.

All other visits, get a 5% discount on your total bill.
Please note members need to bring their lanyards to show at front desk to be eligible for the discount.


Intermark is a relocation consultancy established in 1993. We provide a full range of Immigration, Relocation, and Moving services to major international companies, employees and family members. We have accumulated invaluable expertise in assisting expats to smoothly and easily adapt to a new environment, a new reality and their new life on assignment.

Only for IWC members, we are happy to offer a free consultation on all range of our services. Feel free to contact us:

WhatsApp/call: +7 967 289-68-75 (Renata)

Get 15% off on general cleaning with the code IWC. The promotion is valid until August 31, 2023. For more information, please contact and visit


Expat Salon’s hair stylists are qualified to deal with any hair types including African and Asian hair. They have been working with expatriates for over 15 years and surely know how to satisfy your needs. Best of all, English is spoken by their staff. They have been our loyal partners for many years, tried and tested by our members from all over the world.

Aside from the 10% discount on all services, Expat Salon is offering IWC members and their families, an EXCLUSIVE Offer: 20% off all Anti-age facial procedures( Dermaquest skin renewal treatments, Phymongshe Botanical facial, Photorejuvenating facial (IPL Shirplight), Biolift (micro currant face lift). Offer valid for the Fall Season September 1- August 31, 2023.

If this is your first visit to the salon, DO NOT forget to bring your pink or black LANYARDS and ID.

Click here: