As part of the IWCs program, we offer international and local businesses, companies, and organizations to partner with us in support of the many activities that we carry out, with the main goal to contribute and assist IWCs Charities. With so many still living under less than ideal conditions, and your capacity to help, we believe that together we can build partnerships that improve the lives of those around us. At the same time, our partnership offers you access and visibility to our many members from the international community. Below are information on becoming our partners:

PARTNER’S benefits:

  • Possibility to help and reach as many people in need as possible
  • Advertisement and promotion of your organization and/or programs directly to our members as well as IWCs wide-reaching channels, such as website, monthly Newsletter and social media (FB, IG)
  • Access to exclusive and preferred clients as well as their extended contacts
  • Promotional and marketing opportunities through involvement in our activities, showcasing your products and services

How to become our partner

Your options:

  • Take part or sponsor activities such as Coffee Morning, Meet and Greet, and special fundraising events (concerts, bazaars, cultural festivities, etc)
  • Take part in events/program held by embassies and other partners
  • Attend our Annual and Half-year Sign-up Members Meetings - by invitation(held in February and September)
  • Make a contribution or donation to our charity events and/or Annual and Half-year Sign-up Members Meetings
  • Join our special agreement program to promote your company through our website and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Advertise through IWC monthly Newsletter
  • Join our special corporate agreement program by providing IWC Members with Rewards (such as discounts, free event access , etc) to be advertised on this website For further information or to discuss options, please contact the IWC Partnership Chair at


Our partners have sponsored many of our charity projects, which include donations and contributions to children centers, foodbags, the homeless, the elderly, the disabled, and marginalized communities. Support from our partners mainly take form in their involvement in our activities, by providing us much needed and specific contributions, such as sponsoring or hosting events, funding, donations in kind, raffle gifts, auction items, clothing, food products, etc. We are grateful to each and every one of our partners for their continued support in enabling us to assist those who are most in need. We also welcome various initiatives and suggestions that partners may have on how we can assist our charities. Further information on what has been delivered can also be found on our Newsletters under the ‘Charity’ section.


There are numerous causes that we want to pursue and more assistance that we would like to deliver to those in needTogether with our IWC Charity board, we can provide you information and illustration of our current and future projects. Our main goal as an organization is not only to provide a forum for our members to gather, but that in doing so, we benefit the community around us. As Moscow becomes our home, we would like to join hands with partners, to do something for the people of this home.
Our Charities Board may be contacted at

Member’s rewards

Our Partners’ Special Offers for IWC Members

We are privileged to work with some prestigious partners, who support us in our diverse activities through their donations and sponsorships in our Coffee Morning, Meet & Greet, IWC Evening,  to name a few.