What are the interest groups


By joining an Interest Group, you will start to become familiar with the people and activities that make this Club special. You will meet many people and make friends. The most important part of joining our Interest Groups is having fun! Almost anything you can think of is here: dance& music, culture, craftwork, body & soul, language, etc. Besides this, there is always space for new Interest Groups, and if you have exciting, creative ideas and ambition to start an Interest Group you are encouraged to do so.

Send an  e-mail a iwcigmoscow@gmail.com and we will be glad to discuss and help you set up a new group. Most groups run from the beginning of September  current year until June next year. For all the members we send the descriptions, dates, times, locations and subscription information for the groups you would like to participate in.

Only current IWC members that are in the possession of a valid membership badge may sign up for and attend interest groups meetings. If you are not a member, please

Join the club.

You can subscribe for the group of your choice by calling or emailing the Group Leader, who will inform you about all details

If you have trouble contactingan Interest Group please just email iwcigmoscow@gmail.com for assistance.

We look forward to welcoming you and wish you a great time with the Interest Groups!