The IWC Steering Committee meets once a month, usually the first Thursday of the month and manages all aspects of IWC membership, meetings and events. IWC charity projects are managed by the Charity Board.

You can find following this page more informations about us and contact us for any questions!


Steering Commitee 2019-2020



IWC President:

Meri Toganyan

IWC General Officer:

Slavica Hendrikx 


 Linda Mjazeka & Helen Huysman  

Interest Groups:

Slavica Hendrikx

Meet & Greet:

 Irina Shallan & Sona Aslanian

International Women's Evenings:

Alina Jaravine

IWC Newsletter:

Beth Osowski

IWC Website:

 Alessandra Piazza

IWC Partnership:

 Yunita Purba

IWC Charity Chairs:

Anne Rossier

Carity Treasurer:

Christina Malkhasyan

Recording Officer:

Prasanthika Piyasena


Naree Jung

IWC Charities Public Relations:

Charities Volunteering:

Donations Office:

Public Relations :