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International Women’s Club of Moscow new season 2020-2021

 Reinventing the way we meet

Since March 2020, we all have been living in difficult and uncertain times.

Lockdown, quarantine, constant bad news all newly imposed on us, due to the global pandemic of COVID 19.


Although the summer holidays have given us a brief moment of light-heartedness and optimism, the continuation of closed borders, have unfortunately hindered some of us to physically come back to Moscow.


During this period, the IWC (International Women’s Club) had to stop all face-to-face initiatives and reinvent its way to meet with each other.


Thus, we started to have entertaining and informative Zoom meetings online from April 2020 onwards.

Our dearest Yunita Purba, for example, was able to organize some really great and interesting Partner Talks, such as:

  • IWC Online Talk with Welcome Abroad Relocation on Moving and Relocations
  • IWC Online Talk with Brookes Moscow International School On Distance Learning
  • IWC and GMS Clinics and Hospitals’ Special  Online Talk on Listen to your Body



Regular Café Skype sessions, hosted by our dearest Helene Huysman, were organised to continue “seeing” each othervirtually, enjoy a cup of coffee and chat about all different topics.


Our last IWC International Women's Evening chair Alina Jaravine quickly organised some special online IWE meetings, focusing on several current topics.

For this we would like to thank her very much!


Meet & Greet events, unfortunately, could not be organized, which made and makes us really sad. But due to the lockdown and meeting size limitations, we must act responsible and refrain from Meet & Greet event for the time being.

Be ensured that we are working hard to offer new online ways to keep the club offerings interesting and innovative in this current situation. And trust us, as soon as we can meet again, we will be ready to SEE you again!

The 2020-2021 IWC season has started, and we are working hard to continue our “online” activities where it is possible, and by holding limited meetings in person, always ensuring security measures against Covid-19, to preserve safety for all of us.


The new IWC season of activities 


The first “online” meeting which was held on the 28th of September, was the IWC International Women’s Evening hosted by our dearest Mashikoane! A really interesting and relevant topic: “Journey of Transition to Moscow: The joy of Learning as I trend the path”. Did you miss it? Look for our announcements, she will present a new topic next month!!


As you know, beyond our meetings and events, you can join many Regular Interest Groups. Most of them were not able to meet since March, respecting the indications of the Mayor of Moscow during the lockdown and due to the impossibility to keep a safe distance from each in the current situation.

Many Interest Groups presented their actives online via Zoom (all of our members received the Zoom link to attend). If you missed it, you can contact the IG leaders directly via our website or get in contact with our Interest Group chair by email:


We are going to keep you informed about any other meetings or events being organised via social media and via e-mail.


Let’s be connected to be informed!! 

Follow our social media FacebookInstagram and IWC Moscow fb group 



Steering Committee vacancies 


As of September 2020, we have some new members in our Steering Committee:

  • Karen Lawrence Terracciano as IWC President
  • Alexandra Von Campe as IWC Vice-President
  • Mashikoane Rebecca Mohuba as IWE chair

The club also looking for ladies who would volunteer take over following positions:

  1. Interest Group Chair
  2. Interest Group Co-Chair
  3. PR Chair 
  4. Partnership Co-Chair 
  5. Website Co-Editor 
  6. Winter Bazaar Chair 
  7. Membership Chair 
  8. M&G Coordinator

All IWC members can be a candidate for these positions, and we will be glad to receive your applications and discover your skills to enrich our Club with new ideas and proposals. Please write to

If you are not an IWC member you can contact us at and we will happy to welcome you into this wonderful Club.


We  look forward to meeting you numerous at our events

Alessandra Piazza

IWC website editor

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