Here is a list of the IWC Regular Interest Groups. Also, during the summer months of July and August, there are a few Summer Interest Groups which continue. We are always looking to create more opportunities, so if you are a member and wish to apply your skills and organize an interest group yourself, please let us know.

You may contact the Interest Group team at  to inquire about how to join a group.


Short description of the activity:

Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of decorating cloth in this way, using wax and dye, has been practised for centuries.
Contemporary batik, while owing much to the past, is markedly different from the more traditional and formal styles.
We will learn all techniques – ancient and modern,  of this fantastic activity.   It is possible to start painting batik without any art background.

NEAREST METRO:Tretyakovskaya

TIME: Monday or  Friday, from 10.00 till 2 pm.  Also possible Tuesday or Thursday, after 1 pm.

Enjoy this Course, designed for those interested in learning the fundamentals of painting Matryoshka nested dolls.

The course covers:

  • Origins, history and insights into the painting of matreoshka doll
  • Traditional stories depicted on matreoshka doll
  • Selection of proper blanks and surface preparation
  • Types of finishes and their application
  • Layout, including techniques for mapping flat images onto curved surfaces
  • Substrates and base coats
  • Paint selection and preparation
  • Painting techniques and sequence.

NEAREST METRO: Typically, we meet at one or more of the participants’ homes, as mutually agreed.

TIME: Weekdays 10.00, lessons can be scheduled at the group’s convenience on any days.  Typically, we meet at one or more of the participants’ homes, as mutually agreed.

“I can paint!” is a comprehensive acryl and oil painting course, which combines theory of painting and immediate practice, with help of intuitive painting approach. It’s meant for people who wish to develop their artistic abilities, even if they have never painted before, and helps to find harmony. A “gentle” starter course, where you learn different professional art materials to use, — all to create your masterpiece.

You start “thinking like an Artist” on this course and learn to develop your own style.

We will be learning how the masters painted, to understand their “concepts” and features.

With help of intuition painting approach you get rid of thinking stereotypes and get your own creative ideas instead.

Group 4–8 people, easels and basic materials are provided.

Anna Schipper-Cherkasova is a professional artist (graduated from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts) helps you to create your works in easy and enjoyable way — that is with patience, enthusiasm, encouragement and professionalism.

WHEN: Thursdays  morning 10.30-13.00

WHERE: Art-center Masterclass (near metro Park Kultury, Frunzenskaya naberezhnaya 10, 7 min walk from the station),

The oil/acrylic painting class is for students who want to learn how to paint and techniques to enhance painting skills. All levels are welcome. Class space is limited due to studio size and allowing time with instructor. Class limit: 3 people per day

NEAREST METRO: Park Kultury Circle Line, address is: Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya 18, 3rd Entrance, Floor 8 and 1st left door

TIME: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10.30-13.30 Sept.-Dec.; Mar.-June

The oil/acrylic painting class is for students who want to learn how to paint and techniques to enhance painting skills. All levels are welcome. Class space is limited due to studio size and allowing time with instructor. Class limit: 3 people per day.

NEAREST METRO: Park Kultury Circle Line, address is: Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya 18, 3rd Entrance, Floor 8 and 1st left door

TIME: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10.30-13.30 Sep-Dec; Mar-Jun

Our instructor, Elena Andreevna Afanasieva, has been teaching children and adults for over 50 years. She holds the title “Master Instructor” at the Serov School of Art. Weather permitting, we move outdoors, painting in and around Moscow, doing landscapes, architecture and street scenes. During the cold months, we paint indoors, using still lives, live models and photos as reference. Elena’s approach is for each student to develop their own style, rather than applying strict rules. Of course, formal instruction is given and each student will be helped individually as well. Other mediums such as pastel, gouache and charcoal are encouraged.
Beginners are welcome, as well as those with some experience in painting.

NEAREST METRO: Universitet/ Prospect Vernadskogo
TIME: Monday, Friday 10.300-13.00

Vladimir Petrov-Gladky’s style can be likened to that of the Fantastic realism school or Visionary art but it’s the superficial analogies, only partly helping to approach to his art. During his workshops, students will be able to get an exclusive opportunity to learn first hand the basic methods of this unique art technique, which Vladimir uses. In addition to the technical skills, which you will personally learn from the artist himself and know-how, students will need to use a lot of their own imagination in order to fully master their own fantasy on canvass. Don’t miss your chance to learn to paint in a way which you will never regret.
Class limit: 2 people per workshop

NEAREST METRO: Shabolovskaya, Orange Line, address: Khavskaya str., 18, apt. 18, 2nd Entrance, Floor
TIME: Wednesday (or other day by agreement) 11.30-14.30 or 14.00-17.00 Sept.-Dec.; Mar.-June

NB: Lesson duration minimum 3 hours!

Lino cuts, mono printing etc.
Being inspired by Russian poetry, Russian lubock (old Russian block printing craft) or anything which would make a nice multiple print ( such as for gift cards and art prints).
Marina will teach how to make a simple block print which is a very practical way of creating multiple fine art prints. Also a fantastic craft to learn.

First class will be making a lino cut and then putting it through a printing press to make multiple prints. Printmaking is a wonderful and satisfying art form which is thoroughly enjoyable.
The classes will take place in a studio at Petrovka Ulitsa.

NEAREST METRO: Trubnaya, Pushkinskaya, Mayakovskaya
TIME: Friday 10.30-13.00 and 14.00-16.30

Monotype is a wonderful form of creativity, which occupies a middle ground between drawing and painting, psychology and art. Monotype is one of the ways of expression and manifestation of your personality. Simple, but at the same time, amazing drawing technique will allow you to create unique work in just one appointment.

NEAREST METRO: Dynamo, Artist’s Studio
TIME: Monday, Friday, various times

This is an untaught open life drawing session for those who which to keep up their drawing skills and work from the figure (nowhere else in Moscow offers this type of class). Every Monday a nude model will pose and you have the opportunity to use the equipment and facilities of a proper working studio, Petrovka art studio Moscow.

NEAREST METRO: Trubnaya, Pushkinskaya, Mayakovskaya
Drop in and no monthly commitment.
TIME: Monday 14.00-16.30

The group is about getting together and making friends. We spend time talking, exchanging ideas and working on our projects or starting new ones. We do all kinds of needlework: cross stitch, tapestry, crochet, knitting etc. (All levels)

NEAREST METRO: Kropotkinskaya

TIME: Monday 13.00 – 16.00

No preparation or prior experience is needed. Just come and put your fingers in the clay and watch a wonderful art-work take shape. Usually, the first piece you will take on is to copy an antique torso or Aphrodite’s head to get used to making shapes and understanding volume and symmetry. All tools and equipment are provided at the atelier, including glaze and plasticine, to create models which are then turned into terracotta (raw or glazed), plaster or bronze pieces.

You will learn about and use the century-old techniques developed by the grand masters and be guided by Vadim to either copy a known art-work and find your inner artist and get creative. You can be certain to enjoy as much the process as the results! Most students learn from each over too, and Vadim has a library of art books to get you inspired.

It is best to remove jewelry around your hands and fingers, not to damage them, and you may want to wear an old shirt or apron over your clothes.

NEAREST METRO: Warsawskaya (Варшавская).
TIME: Mon., Tue., Wed. & Thu. 10.00-13.00

Learn how to make traditional Russian dolls using simple techniques. Discover that dollmaking provides a fascinating insight into Russian social and cultural history from the female perspective. There is more to these dolls than you think! Our teacher Anna has a wealth of knowledge to share.
This simple craft is suitable for anyone with interest. We invite you to join our small group (maximum of 8 people) to make a souvenir that is truly Russian.

DAY ​​ Advanced: Every second Tuesday
Beginner: Every second week – Wednesday or Friday (to be decided)
TIME​​: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
LOCATION: Central city location

The Museum Group visits a wide variety of museums and estates in Moscow, from the most famous to the more hidden ones. The number of participants varies depending on the museum (sometimes only small groups are admitted), with a minimum number required in order for the visit to take place. Galina, our specialist Russian guide, organises and conducts many of the visits in English. On some occasions, we might have Russian speaking guides, and Galina as interpreter.

MEETING POINT: Nearest metro or at the museum.
TIME: Wednesdays, 10.00-12.30
FAMILY VISITS: Once a month on Saturday and/or Sunday.

How often have you wished that you knew the Russian history time-line so that you could place a historical event, exhibit or architectural style along it?

With this group you will see the best Moscow sights in the context of Russian history.

This new eclectic course will have several threads.

– We will visit the best museums, where you will learn to decipher museum exhibits, so that for you they start to speak.

– We will learn about famous architectural styles and make architecture walks in Moscow to illustrate particular styles.

– We will attend some unique cultural venues, which are usually closed to the general public.

– We will discover our new special topic devoted to Russian Literature, as well as Theater & Music.

– We will also learn about fine art, from classical to modern.

– We will participate in sessions featuring interior design as well as fashion

– We will invite you for weekend family tours to different Russian cities

Each month there will be a different topic, we will meet every week, once or sometimes twice, on Fridays and/or Mondays.

MEETING POINT: various places in the centre

TIME: weekly, on Fridays and\or Mondays 11.00 – 13.00

The aim of our one-year project is to give you the understanding of Russian Art and to show you the jewels of the Russian Culture you might miss otherwise.

You will discover the best museums and sights which are deprived of public popular attention but are a must for the Russia art scene.

Our course is a combination of lectures, tours to the best but mostly hidden or hard-to-get-into museums and architectural walks. You’ll have a unique opportunity to get first-hand experience in the Russian realist school of the second half of the 20th century based on the NB Gallery’s extensive realist collection

NEAREST METRO: The first meeting is held at the NB Gallery. Metro Kropotkinskaya, all the tours will be held in different museums (different metro stations, but mostly in the center, inside the Garden Ring)
TIME: Once a month. The second Wednesday of the month at 11.00a.m.
Sometimes the date can be changed according to the museum’s’ exposition and group members’ availability

Every meeting Russian Contemporary Art group will visit an artist at his/her studio. Informal discussions of works and conversations with an artist will follow the artist’s show.

TIME: First Wednesday of the month 11.00

Our experts: All group members take turns to research a writer’s bio and/or present a book to the group during the course of the season.

We are an international group of about 12 ladies who meet once a week at a group member’s home, where the hostess treats us to a light lunch (a soup and a salad are perfectly fine) and we discuss works of Russian literature, ranking from well-known classics like Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky to Soviet-era and modern-day novels. The book discussions are conducted in English, but of course everybody is free to read the book at home in whatever language they choose (some brave ladies may even prefer the Russian original version). We dedicate two meetings (two weeks) to each book on the reading list – in the first one, one of our members, gives us an outline of the author’s biography and the general historical and social background in which the book to be discussed can be placed. The second meeting is then devoted to an in-depth group discussion of the chosen novel, on the basis of an interpretation researched and presented by another one of our members.

TIME: Tuesday 12.00-14.30 (except for holidays)

The Russian literature group is lead by the very charismatic Felix from Patriarch Dom tours. The book list is made up of Russian classics and more contemporary authors. Felix researches the authors and sets topics for the group to discuss. Felix studied Russian literature and is a great guide to this subject.


TIME: 4th Wednesday of the month 10.00 – 12.00

Lena from Patriarshy Dom Tours covers every aspect of life in Russia including history past and present, communism, KGB, health, education, art, literature and many more interesting subjects. There are also interesting opportunities to meet artisans who make various famous Russian handicrafts.

NEAREST METRO: various, participants are encouraged to host these lectures
TIME: Thursday, 10.00-12.00 (except Meet&Greet weeks)

At the film group we will be watching Russian original movies (with Russian subtitles if available) or going to movies. The intent is to improve and practice Russian language while learning also more about Russian cinematography.

TIME: The first Wednesday of the month 10.00-12.00

Moscow has a wealth of architectural styles, once you have joined our walks you start to notice buildings and their decorations more and get extra pleasure out of this amazing city. Some walks are themed around famous architects, others about local districts.

Whilst the leaders conduct some of the walks each participant is encouraged to contribute one walk to the group, either leading a walk already in our database or investigating the neighbourhood where they live. We usually continue to an optional lunch venue where we get to know each other better.

TIME: Friday 10.30-12.00

Every time group meets, one member of IWC makes a presentation of her country: Traditions, food, education, pros and cons of living there for about 30 min- 60 min after which there will be discussion with questions and answers. There may even be sampling of local treats or baked goods. Idea is to get to know something about different countries Wikipedia does not tell.

TIME: once a month on Thursdays, 10-12 o’clock

NEAREST METRO: Trubnaya / Tsvetnoy bulvar/ or different locations

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Bones for life is an international program based on intelligent and safe movements. This interesting group gives you the opportunity to know your body and re-learn the most simple habits such as standing up from bed, walking, seating, carrying things and how to avoid to hurt yourself in case of falling down.
This system helped me to discover and correct my mistaken habits that at the end of the day made me feel tired or stressful.

Develop harmonious coordination
Empower lively & dynamic gait
Train in bone building walking in rhythm
Reach Quality of natural fitness at any age
Restore resourcefulness of equilibrium & stability
Align posture in the body language of self confidence

NEAREST METRO: Mayakovskaya / Taganskaya
TIME: Friday 12:00 – 13:30

Duplicate Bridge: playing in a relaxed atmosphere, with room for learning with more experienced players.

NEAREST METRO: City Centre or out of town, it is appreciated if you can host every now and then.
TIME: Wednesday 10.00-14.00

Gnosis: The ancient wisdom

Gnosis — the knowledge of the essence of all things that has always existed, passing from century to century, from epoch to epoch, from one race to another.

This word is from Greek where γνώσις means knowledge. It is a transcendental knowledge that allows human being to develop harmoniously in all personal and social levels. It is a natural functionalism of our conscience and intelligence. It is the key to unlock the secrets of all civilizations and the syncretism of world’s religions.

Gnostic Science studies the following topics: Human being and all his inner possibilities; Sound Science; Laws of the universe; Future and Past events in our planet according to Mayans and Egyptians papyrus and codexes; Practices: Awakening Consciousness, Meditation, Philosophy of the moment, Lucid Dreaming Exercises, Perfect marriage, Love.

NEAREST METRO: Mayakovskaya / Taganskaya
TIME: Tuesday 10.30-12.00

Sahaja Yoga meditation is very easy and any one can do it along with his profession and family life.

  1. People from all walks of life can derive benefits, irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.
  2. Health improves. Physical diseases relating to Heart, diabetes, blood pressure, stomach ailments, and also other mental illnesses due to stress, tension, worries, as also insomnia, depression, fits, and many other psycho somatic diseases have been easily cured.
  3. Natural cure from various addictions.
  4. Improvement and harmony in family life and social relations.
  5. No need for any sort of rituals, penances, fasts, asceticism or physical deprivations.
  6. Progress in studies due to improvement in memory.
  7. Latest artistic talents get fully developed.
  8. We become courageous and confident.
  9. Peace, contentment and joy are hallmarks of Sahaja Yoga.
  10. It is an entirely scientific technique with no scope for blind faith.

Self realization through Sahaja Yoga is entirely free.

NEAREST METRO: Pushkinskaya, Nastyasinski perulok
TIME: Tuesday 11.00 – 12.30

The purpose of this 10-session​ ​program​​ is to help participants discover their own resources and  the possibility of experiencing peace inside.  The course, called the ‘Peace Education Programme’, consists of 10 videos based on excerpts from international talks​given by​ ​​Ambassador of Peace ​​Prem Rawat​.  Each session focuses on a different theme such as inner strength, clarity, self-awareness, dignity, choice.  These customized, interactive workshops are non-religious and non-sectarian.

TIME: Friday, 11.00 – 12.30
NEAREST METRO: Tverskaya or Mayakovskaya

The International Women’s Bible study group is a very welcoming and refreshing group that meets every Tuesday at Kropotkinskaya.

It’s a time where we come together, enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee or tea with some snacks. After warming up with our chit-chats and beverages, we begin by reading the Bible together which is guided by a leader who assist us in better understanding the text. We learn a lot about the historic context as well as how this still speaks to us today and how powerful God’s word is, even nowadays! So if you want to learn more about the Bible, you are invited to join us on a Tuesday morning, 10am. We would be very happy to see you.

TIME: Tuesday, 10.00 – 12.00
NEAREST METRO: Kropotkinskaya

We are a group of English-speaking women that meets for a very enjoyable Yoga session, in the place close to the Hermitage garden and the metro station Tsvetnoy Bulvar, on the grey line.
We practice Hatha Yoga, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yoga styles that comprise asanas, Yogic breathing and a short meditation at the end of the class.

Classes are organized based on the regulation of the European Yoga Association. The teacher is certified by the International Yoga academy supported by the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.

Usually, after the session, we meet for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Would you like to join our group? You don’t need to be an experienced yogini for that. If you are interested, please contact us.

TIME: Monday and Thursday at 10.30 – 12.00

NEAREST METRO: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, grey line

Every week, mothers, babies and toddlers meet at one of the member’s homes to play, have coffee or tea, and chat. All members take turns hosting get-togethers. Depending on the weather, we may also meet at a playground or plan half-day trips.

TIME: Tuesday 10:00-12:00

A lively and creative way to teach art through reading stories and being inspired by the illustrations to create fantastic art works. This way of teaching is great for kids and I have been teaching for over 20 years to all students of all ages nationalities and abilities but reading stories is where we start!

TIME: Saturday morning, 10.30 – 12 noon

The cooking club is a great social and gastronomical experience sharing favorite recipes with others. You will learn how to cook fantastic recipes in a very nice and private atmosphere and share the know-how about other’s food, life and culture. Participants will have the opportunity to host a gathering whether it is at home or at another location. The hostess decides how many guests she can accommodate. She will choose 3-4 recipes to make as well as print out the required amount for participants to work from, make notes on and bring home. The hostess will need to buy the groceries in order to prepare the lunch for the group. Should she need extra bowls, pots, pans, dishes, they will be provided! Participants arrive by 10.30h, have a coffee and review recipes with the hostess.

All ladies will be involved in the preparation of their lunch while learning about various other methods to arrive at the cooked lunch. When the food is prepared it is time to enjoy the lunch! Ladies have always been so generous with their time and manage to help with the cleaning up before all leave with new recipes and a satisfied palate!

TIME: 2nd Thursday of the month, 10.30-14.30 (the time is flexible)

The monthly Host will rotate amongst the members. The Host will choose the theme for the month (e.g., wines from a certain country, etc.). Each participant will bring a bottle of wine and a food dish corresponding with the theme. Everyone will learn some new things about food and wine, and enjoy a splendid evening among friends and new acquaintances.

TIME: once a month Saturday evening

In Moscow, the concept of “Business Lunch” at a very low cost, is widespread unlike in other countries I have lived in before. We think we need to explore this more! It would give you an opportunity to meet people and taste food in different places: for example from Grabli (250RUB) to Fumisawa Sushi (900 RUB) or Ryba moya (1100 RUB) and everything in between. If you like the food in a certain place, you could, next time, take your husbands there for dinner.

All the places we will visit have a great deal for business lunch, and are usually more expensive for dinner.  The venue will be in the city center but we will let you know 2 days in advance, via e-mail where we will meet.

Once every 3 weeks we will repeat our lunch experience but in a different place.  Your input can be very valuable too. Let us know where you like to go for lunch and we may choose it as our next venue. There is no other cost involved other than paying for your own lunch.

TIME: various

Latin Dances Group is for those who want to learn passionate Latin dances such as salsa, bachata, tango, merengue, kizomba, semba, reggaeton, zouk and some others. Our group is designed to allow students to begin anytime. Whether you are a beginner or you have been into dancing for years, we have something for you. And come as often as your schedule allows, we have classes almost everyday in different places. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to dance and to communicate with native representatives of the Latino culture.

TIME: New working time: Wednesday 7 pm – bachata; 8 pm Salsa class
Saturday 5 pm bachata; 6 pm classic salsa

Pianist and singer Galina Staneshnikova is a senior teacher of the State Classical Academy by the name of Mimonid and senior teacher of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts. She offers lessons in vocal and piano playing.

Vocal: students have the possibility of studying singing solo.

They will be able to get to learn more about Russian songs and romances. Piano playing for children and adults: they will have lessons at their home. If necessary, the students will be assisted in purchasing or according a piano. The students have a chance to take part in performances at festivals and competitions.

NEAREST METRO: student’s home
TIME: Various

CUnder the leadership of its director Ludmilla Sperkatch and open to members of both the Moskva Accueil and the IWC, the choir is a wonderful and convivial opportunity for amateur singers to discover the pleasure of singing as well as for more advanced choristers to extend their repertoire. Each rehearsal is a moment of enthusiasm, friendship and great satisfaction. Our repertoire is extensive and international (we sing in French, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Latin etc..) and covers all musical movements throughout the ages. Occasionally, the choir is invited to perform at Embassies and Moskva Accueil and IWC meetings.

NEAREST METRO: Lubyanka or Chistiye Prudy.

TIME: Friday 10:30 to 12:00.

                             For all members, who love classical music, opera or ballet.
                             We will enjoy wonderful, classical masterpieces in various
                             and beautiful concert halls at different places in Moscow.
                             The majority of  the group will decide which event we go to.
                             The Group Leader will pay for the tickets in advance and get
                             the money back on the day of the event.
                             If someone cannot attend, the tickets have to be re-sold.



This is a great chance to improve your English language skills in a group of 5-9 people! The teaching method will focus on speaking, but also reading and writing will be trained.
We will watch short study movies and sing songs to make it more fun to improve your English.
Copies of the materials (Oxford University Press and other fine English publish houses) will be provided. Participants will be tested first.

TIME: Tuesday morning 9.30 and 11.00

This class is to help to start to read Russian after 2–3 lessons, and to talk about your plans, experiences, wants and preferences after three months of 2 times a week classes.

The course is logical and easy to follow. Building confidence in the language structures usage makes it easy to build a sentence whatever topic you want to touch.

NEAREST METRO: ​Chistye Prudy/Turgenevskaya, Sukharevskaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard
TIME: Wednesday, Friday 12.00 – 13.30 hrs.

This class is for students who can already read Russian, know basic grammar and have some speaking practice. Students will learn to expand the range of situations where they can express themselves freely, and to acquire more confidence in speaking the language.
NEAREST METRO: Chistye Prudy/Turgenevskaya, Sukharevskaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard
TIME: Wednesday, Friday 14.00 – 15.30 hrs.

The class is orientated on conversation based on the topics of everyday life and to help students to be operational in most situations of everyday life. It is aimed to help them to feel more comfortable and confident while living in Moscow. During the class we do a lot of short dialogues, play games and make short stories. It is both pleasant and practical.


TIMEBeginners zero – on Fridays 12.00-12.30; beginners plus Wed 11.00-12.30; intermediate / upper intermediate on Wed 12.00-13.30

Classes for participants with elementary knowledge of Russian language including reading and writing. Focus will be on practical grammar and acquiring conversation skills.

NEAREST METRO: Biblioteka imeni Lenina

TIME: Friday 9.00 – 11.30

Improve your Russian with small talk and daily life conversations. We use two books for this course: Poexali 1.2 (orange) and “Usueful Grammar” (blue).

TIME: Monday 10.00-12.00

This class is for students who can already read Russian, know basic grammar and have some speaking practice. Students will learn to expand the range of situations where they can express themselves freely, and to acquire more confidence in speaking the language.

NEAREST METRO: Novokuznetskaya/Tretyakovskaya
TIME: Wednesday 12.30h – 14.00h; Friday 12.30h – 14.00h

Do you like Spanish? Would you like to improve your level? Are you a beginner?
Come to our classes where you will find an interesting way to learn Spanish developing all your language skills.

TIME: Monday 10.00 – 11.30 beginners; 12.00-13.30 intermediate
NEAREST METRO: Mayakovskaya/ Taganskaya

Walking using poles in local Moscow parks. This is how XC skiers keep in shape in the summer. There is no limit on numbers.

NEAREST METRO: changes as per park
TIME: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.00-12.00