Clothing-Donation for kids and adults for the IWC Moscow

IWC Charities group donation office

The Donations Office is situated near metro Belorusskaya, at Gruzinsky Pereulok, dom 3, apartment 1A (button 2 on the domophone). The entrance to the block is at the rear, from Sred. Kondratjevskiy Pereulok. Click here for a map.

The  donations are also accepted  during the IWC Meet & Greet monthly meetings.

We can use anything and everything as long as it’s clean, in good condition and full working order.  We even take dried and canned food.
If you have larger items to donate, such as furniture or big domestic appliances, please send us an e-mail with a photo of the item. Unfortunately, we don’t have space to store oversize items, but we will do our best to put you in direct contact with a project that needs your donation.

When and Where you can bring donations

Donations are accepted on Mondays between 11.00 – 13.00 and Tuesdays between 10.00 – 12.00.

Should you decide to bring some donations, please contact us in advance  via e-mail especially if you want to come on Tuesday. Please, be advised that our phone 8-916-410-13-66 is switched on only during our working hours : Mondays 11.00 – 13.00, Tuesdays 10.00 – 12.00.

IWC Charities Group, also on behalf of our supported charity projects, would like to thank to everyone for donations that help to children and adults in difficult situation.

The Donations office sincerely thanks  these donors: 

These are donors who donated adult/children clothing, furniture, household items, food etc – their donations supported all DO projects throughout the season and will also support it in coming months.

Leslie and Roger HOYOUX

Anne Mondoloni

Sona Lasikova

Sara Leopold

Birgitt Gassher

Carolona Koenig

Christina Giordano

Maike Blanchard

Chloe Lowe

Ellin Grote

Morgan Lewis

Embassy of Luxemburg

Fiona Sawyer

Katalin Diossi

Satomi Matsuo

Therese Plappart

Mathilde Lee

Stella Hagi

and many other unknown donors who helped us to help others. We wish you nice festive season and  happy and prosperous New