Who can join the IWC

The IWC is open to all expatriate women and men currently residing in Moscow. Membership is also available to Russian passport holders but on a limited basis. As specified in the Club Charter, Russian membership may reflect no more than 20% of the total membership of the club.

What are the benefits of joining the IWC?

IWC members have many opportunities to socialise with new friends by becoming a part of a truly international community. We hold monthly general meetings and coffee mornings, and in addition there are a number of special events throughout the year. Members can also join IWC Interest Groups and participate in a wide range of activities.

We support a number of charity projects where members can volunteer their time and give something back to the local community.

Our major fundraising events, the Winter Bazaar and Charity Concert, are highlights of the Moscow calendar.

Members receive regular e-bulletins that are up-to-date with what’s going on throughout the club.

Finally, our members benefit from our membership rewards, which entitles them to discounts at a number of stores and restaurants around Moscow.

How do I join?

The IWC season runs from September through the following August, but you may join at any time. The membership fee is 5000 Rubles per year.

A lot of new events and activities are planned during each season! Our Winter Bazaar team is already hard at work to ensure that every season’s event will be even more impressive than the last. Don’t forget to join us at the first Monthly Meet & Greet meeting in September, where you can sign up for your favorite Interest Groups.

So get excited for another year of International Women’s Club EveningsCoffee Mornings with your old and new friends, Monthly Meet & Greets, meetings in beautiful embassies, hotels and galleries, and mark your calendar for the upcoming dates when you can renew your membership. 

The schedule for all events can be found on our Events page and you can easily make your registration and save on your calendar.

To renew your membership for the coming season, simply bring your current IWC badge and lanyard to any of the upcoming events or Renewal Sessions.

IWC members receive a badge and a lanyard (ribbon) upon joining the IWC. The badge is permanent. The lanyard, however, is changed every year. Please remember to bring your badge and lanyard when attending any IWC event, as this designates you as a current member of the Club as opposed to a guest. If your badge or lanyard is lost, there is a required replacement fee of 500 RUB.

Can I attend IWC events if I’m not a member?

Guests are welcome at most IWC meetings, but must pay a guest fee of 1000 or 2000 RUR depending on the kind of event. Some events may only be open to members due to limited space.

Non-members cannot join IWC Interest Groups.

If you would like to become a member of the IWC, please fill out the membership form 2021-2022 , and send it with a scanned copy of your passport, to iwcmembership@gmail.com. The membership 2021/2022 fee is 5000 RUB. You can send your ID photo as well or bring it (with your name on the back) to the Coffee Morning meeting or to some other IWC events.