Living in Moscow, what we have to know

The International Women’s Club of Moscow wants to help you feel at home in this enormous  and often challenging city. We would also like to help you discover the other side of Moscow, the amazing metropolis that has a lot to offer for those who are willing to take on this  challenge. Something every expat warmly welcomes is practical information on living in Moscow. So when you meet people, for example during IWC Coffee Mornings or    General Meetings, it is always interesting to talk about day-to-day life and the practical problems each of us runs into from time to time, and to learn about each other’s (sometimes very creative) solutions to
these problems. There is nothing as valuable as first hand tips from people who have been living in Moscow for some time, who know their way around town and who are happy to share their inside knowledge with others!

If you are new to Moscow and would like to know form experienced expats about shopping, schools, medical help, pets care, transport system etc, here is the booklet to help you.  If you know something that would be usefull for other members, please share it with the General Officer at Help you and all of our members, we hand you some of the most important thinks that can be usefull to start to living in Moscow. Please read it and don't esitate to contact us for more informations.

More over you can join our partners who offer, just for our members, some special discounts