The International Women's Club of Moscow

The International Women’s Club of Moscow is truly international! Our membership is made up of women representing around 110 countries and consists predominantly of diplomats’ spouses, women who have joined their partners in Moscow on business assignments, and female business professionals.

We provide opportunities for friendship, knowing other cultures, and sharing mutual interests among members from all around the world. We also extend our support and information to all newcomers. The club also supports several charity projects.
To make it possible to serve our members and the community, we rely on membership fees, corporate partnerships, and donations. Currently, our membership fees cover the operating expenses of the club and contribute some part to the major fund-raising events. The money needed to support our charity projects is raised through the Fund-Raising Events.

Who We Are

Our members are happy to participate in the many activities that the Club makes available to them free of charge. Through the many organized activities, events and interest groups, members can make new friends, learn about this magnificent city that hosts us and collaborate voluntarily also supporting our charitable projects.
The Club Constitution is accessible at this link 

What Do We Do

Living in a city other than your native one has many advantages, but sometimes also many challenges. You have to learn a new language, put children in a new school, and learn a new lifestyle in an unknown environment. The International Women’s Club of Moscow wants to welcome all those women who, especially at the beginning, need to enter a “new society” finding support, friendship, and opportunities to have fun.
Above all this, however, the Club wants, as its top priority, to support numerous charitable organizations in Moscow and Russia and is able to raise funds through organizing various events, as well as thanks to the support of numerous partners who have been cooperating with our Club for years.

Events & Activities

Coffee Morning


Paid Activity

IWC Evening

Interest Groups