Volunteering with IWC Charities

Friends, have a reason to go out during the long, cold winter, socialize and have fun in a new country help others - kids, pensioners or homeless, cook or/and feed underprivileged children and elderly meet Russian people, learn more about local life, contribute to the society you are in, learn and practise Russian speaking discover your new skills, acquire new working experience, teach someone, develop your business skills in a friendly environment, help in organizing large charity events, get to  know the Russian business environment, edit or contribute to IWC magazine/newsletter/ website/facebook, donate stuff you no longer need that others may find useful, donate cash or get donations from business, companies you may know, bring your own ideas.

Are you intersted in helping?

You can contribute your time as it best suits you. We have many different roles within the IWC Charities Group. It can take less than 4 hours a month, up to 10 hours (or more) a week from your time. There is no need to speak Russian, but a little knowledge is a big advantage. Please contact the team at iwccharitycc@gmail.com


Board Vacancies 2021

No Charity board vacancies