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We warmly welcome the new IWC President Ms Tobi Shawabkah

Dear IWC Members, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the IWC Steering Committee and their recent Vote of Confidence conferring upon me the title of President of the International Women’s Club.

I’m deeply honoured to represent the Club within the business and diplomatic circles, but additionally to carry on the initiatives and efforts of those preceding me.
A sincere “Thank You” to Karen Lawrence Terracciano for welcoming me into the IWC family and her numerous actions that carried our beloved organization through this past year of Covid-19 uncertainty. And certainly you will join me in wishing her and HE Pascal the very best of luck as they return to Italy in October. You will be missed, Karen!!

Let me take this opportunity to write a few words about myself for those members who don’t know me yet.
I’ve been in Moscow for near one year---what a year!! As Ambassadress of Jordan, I was fortunate enough to meet Karen, and through her became acquainted with Interest Group offerings of Russian Literature, Needlework and Yoga.

How many wonderful, caring, insightful and creative women can a new arrival meet?? Apparently quite a few!! And they are all part of this wonderful Club-creating experiences, guiding and informing, reaching out and caring for those less fortunate.

What an honour to be part of something GREAT!!

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