IWC Photo group


Name of the group: IWC Photo Club

Day and Time:  2-3 times per month on Thursdays starting at 10:00 or 11:00. (Exhibitions normally open at 11:00). The duration will be 2 - 2.5 hours

Location: various

Short description:

A photo walk, on a regular basis, is a brilliant way to keep shooting and developing your photography skills. As a bonus,  you get to explore Moscow from a different perspective. A photo walk is a healthy activity because the amount of good pictures you take is directly correlated to the amount of steps you take. More steps means more good photos and nice memories from our gorgeous city.

We will choose the location and gather there as a starting point for our walk. Often, we don’t have any specific agenda, destination, expectation or goals. Our main goal is to get inspired by our surroundings and capture some images that are different from normal shots. This is a way to challenge ourselves; and to see how creative we can be with our camera. To make our walk more interesting, I will give an assignment at the beginning of the walk. It is not necessary to complete, but it's a fun challenge.

You can use any kind of camera that you have. It is important that you are familiar with your gear since the focus is on creativity.   I won't be teaching you how to use your camera during the photo walk.