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Walking Tours #tretyakovgallery

After this tour of the Tretyakov Gallery we got familiar with all major turning points of the country’s history.
Ivan the Terrible made us shudder under his piercing sight;Count Menshikov complained on his living in a simple log house after being once the richest man in the country;Peter shown how to be the worst dad in the world;
serf peasants told about their needs, beliefs and worries;
young socialists were persuading us in a need of revolution…


Walking tours #novodevichycemetery

Novodevichy, while being the most tourist visited, still can offer its atmosphere for a meditative walk. Shady alleys, artistic gravestones made by famous sculptors. The most remarkable Russians – writers, actors, pilots, politicians – are buried here.


Notes on Russian History #Russiatoday

Our Paid Activities partner, Patriarchy Dom, did their first session on “Understanding Russia”, on the subject of the “Fall of Communism in the Soviet Union”. Lena, a certified historian and guide, took the group to important sites like the White House and memorial places as she shared her stories on this history. It was a very much-appreciated morning of learning and meeting fellow IWC members at the same time!

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