Get a better understanding of the city you live in!
Moscow is so rich in stories, and layers of time here are interlaced in an intricate way.
If the weather is good you will have a walk outdoors, and on a rainy day – get guided through best Moscow museums.
All tours are conducted by Maria Soboleva, a certified guide.
Mondays or Tuesdays at 11.00 am
The usual duration tour is 1 h 45 min
Cost 1000 RUB (+ museum fee if necessary)
Please write to  or +79161889796 to learn about the price and the meeting point.


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February 7th 11.00 (Monday)

Ivan the Terrible and the First Romanov Tzars – History Museum

St Basil’s Cathedral construction and mass executions on Red Square, first diplomatic contacts with Western Europe and exploration of Sberia – all these events belong to the long ruling of Ivan the  Terrible. Soon after his death the their dynasty finished, and after an uneasy struggle Romanovs established themselves on the throne instead.

February 14th (Monday) 12.00

Armory Chamber
The Armory Chamber is a world-known collection of the Russian Tzars’ treasures. You will see sumtuous thrones, fur-trimmed crowns, dresses with inhumanly narrow waists, gorgeous carriages, intricate silver tableware. And weapon, of course, since it is an Armory!

February 22nd 12.00 (Tuesday)

GULAG Museum
This modern and emotional museum will help you to get a better understanding of Stalin’s time camp system. You will learn where in Moscow camps existed, is it possible to dig a 227 km canal in 18 months by a shovel, what the word “Gulag” exactly means, and what was the purpose of repressions, how it became possible and what is the attitude towards them today.

February 28th 11.00 (Monday)

A tour of the Bolshoi Theater

See the out-of-this-world interiors of the Bolshoi Theater when it is empty and quiet. We will visit the Historical Stage, the presidential box, the royal halls, will see the magnificent crystal chandelier up close and visit the newest stage underground.

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