Basic points

All IWC’s IGs are organized by the IWC’s members for the IWC’s members with the purpose to promote volunteering and friendship between women from all parts of the world.

IGs are established based on the enthusiasm and willingness of members to share their knowledge, skill, hobbies, interests, and time with other IWC members. Every IWC member is encouraged to share her knowledge, skill, hobbies, interest, and time with other IWC members by starting an IG. A new IG can only be established in consultation with the IGs coordinator.

The establishment and management of IGs must be conducted as per the IWC Constitution and the IG standing rules of practice. Any violation of the Constitution or the rules will result in the removal of the relevant IG from the IGs’ list.

It is forbidden to make an individual profit or promote any kind of business through IGs, as is advertising and promoting any profit organization or company.

IGs are formed each club year according to IWC members’ interests, as well as the availability of group leaders.

The IGs consist of group members and a group leader. Together they are responsible for organizing their group’s activities.

Interest Group Members

To participate in IGs, one must be a current member of the IWC. Membership takes effect upon payment of the full membership fees for the current club year (1 September-31 August). All IWC members are in possession of a badge and a lanyard (ribbon) for the current club year. Members should wear ribbons at all IGs meetings.

IWC members interested in a specific IG should contact the IGs coordinator in order to obtain ontact information about the leader of the respective group.

IG members should contact the IGs coordinator regarding any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Interest Group Leaders

All IGs must have a group leader.

The leader organizes the IG activities together with the IG members, but it is the sole responsibility of the leader to do the following:

  • Ensure that the work of the IG is being conducted in accordance with the IWC Constitution and the IG standing rules of practice;
  • Ensure the smooth functioning of the IG;
  • Keep an up-to-date list of the group members and their contact information;
  • Communicate any change and relevant information concerning the group to the IGs coordinator;
  • Provide the IGs coordinator with information/notice/photographs about IG for the IWC newsletter/bulletin;
  • Provide a list of group members to the IGs coordinator upon request;
  • Find a replacement prior to the departure from the IG, if possible.

If the group attendance drops to the point of it no longer being a viable group, said the group will be removed from the IGs’ list. If the IG leader does not find a replacement before departure, the group members should find a new leader within one month. If the group members cannot find a new leader amongst themselves, the group will proceed to be removed from the IGs’ list.

The IG leaders should contact the IGs’ coordinator regarding any questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Material cost

IWC’s IGs allow payments only insofar as their purpose is to cover material expenses, some examples of which are: books in book clubs, materials for making or learning something, entrance fees, official museum tours, food and beverage costs for lunch groups, etc.

For advertising of paid activity groups (in which members should pay for professional services, like for instance: teaching/instructing/guidance) on the IWC website and social media, IWC Partnership Chair should be contacted at