Leader:  Jane O'Hara

Day and time: first and third Tuesdays, 12.30-15.00

Location: All group members take turns to host

Short description of the activity:

We are an international group of about 12 ladies who meet at a group member’s home, where
the hostess treats us to a light lunch (a soup and a salad or dessert) and we discuss works of
Russian literature, ranging from classics by Dostoevsky or Tolstoy to Soviet era and
contemporary novels. The discussions are carried out in English, but of course, everyone is free
to read the book at home in whatever language they choose (some do so in Russian). We
discuss the author and the piece of literature and may even include a visit to their historical
home, or a museum or exhibition. Our approach is very democratic: we take it in turns to host,
and we take it in turns to present biography and lead a discussion. All views are welcome.