Day and time: Friday 10:30 am (possible day and time can be discussed)

Short description of the activity:

Batik is one of the most ancient arts and any piece is unique, because its fully handcrafted and depends only on the artist.

We begin our class with practicing cold batik technique. Cold batik is the most popular silk technique and can be used by professional and beginner.  Later we try the free batik technique, once you have experience working with silk, because you need to be very fast while working. The techniques are not difficult and gives fantastic results.

The name cold batik means that the resist does not have to be heated before applying.

Drawing with the resist is one of the most responsible and often most difficult parts of silk painting. Silk painting is very similar to watercolour painting on paper - only textile dye flows more freely on silk. That's why resist is necessary. Also, it is necessary to combine different colours in a proper way to make a good quality painting.

Free batik technique we usually try after previous experience with silk because you need to be very fast while working. But the result usually looks fantastic and creative.