Day and time: Vary

Location: Varies


Short description of the activity:

This group is for those who like the idea of discovering Moscow together with international friends!

Moscow offers a great choice of current international and local events: temporary Art Exhibitions, classical music concerts and ballet, theatre performances and shows, food festivals and other events that could be interesting for a foreigner living in Moscow.

We would like to share our positive experience of being a part of Moscow cultural life.

How it works:

  1. After contacting Interest Group coordinator and obtaining the contact information of the leader, you will write a message to the leader of the group and will be invited to join Moscow Cultural Life Interest Group on What’s up for quick and effective communication!
  2. The leader will regularly write posts in the group about interesting events of Moscow.
  3. When the leader personally goes somewhere, she will announce the place, the date and time and we can go there together with the ones who want to attend this event.
  4. Some of the events are free, for some we buy tickets, the leader will always place the link how to get tickets to the event we go together.

The leader loves the idea of sharing knowledge of the city life with IWC members and is looking forward to enjoying it together!