We are glad to have a new membership Co-Chair in our Club.

My name is Olga Nikolaidou, I am from Greece and spouse of the political counselor of the Embassy of Greece in Russia.

When I became a diplomatic wife, I had to give up my 15 year career as a Medical Congress Manager to follow my husband’s postings.

In August 2019, we moved from Vienna to Moscow. It took me quite some time to adapt myself to the Russian reality and to create a secure and pleasant environment for my three, young boys amid the pandemic. My boys are 9, 7 and 4 years old and they attend the German School.

Going from a full-time job to stay- at-home mom helped me discover how patient and disciplined I can be. It made me also realise that I miss studying!! Therefore, I decided to challenge myself by becoming a student again so, I enrolled into the Hellenic Open University in Athens to study European History and Literature. I expect to graduate in 2 years. Apart from my native language Greek, I speak English, German, French and Turkish fluently .

IWC came to my life in May 2021 and helped me open my horizons, as, every time, I discover something new. More importantly, it makes me feel good and comfortable being among dynamic and energetic women who live far away from their homes and struggle almost with the same issues like me.

Ι am really excited to be part of the IWC Family!!

Olga Nikolaidou

IWC membership co-Chair

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