Let Schedule your favorite interest groups

Day by day we need to schedule our interest groups. Clicking on the days you are interested, can see which groups are avaiable.

Some of them are repeated for a few days, so that you can schedule more than one.

You can also spend your good time in Moscow join our regular events during the year, find more information about these!!


  1. Monotype and Painting on Porcelain
  2. Needle work Group
  3. Painting:Oil / Acrylic
  4. Sculpture
  5. Watercolour & PastelsGroup
  6. Academic Drawing (2nd on the month)
  7. Fancy Moscow tours
  8. Russian Conversation Intermediate
  9. Russian Conversation-Discussion:Beginners
  1. Monotype and Painting on Porcelain
  2. Painting:Oil / Acrylic
  3. Sculpture
  4. Bible Study
  5. Gnosis
  6. SahayaYogaMeditation
  7. Russian Literature& Lunch Group
  8. IWC Choir
  9. Spanish Conversation
  10. Learn and Improve Your English
  11. Nordic Walking
  1. Monotype and Painting on Porcelain
  2. Painting: Oil / Acrylic
  3. Sculpture
  4. The Bridge Group
  5. IWC Museum Visits
  6. Russian Contemporary Art (Studios) ( the first of the month)
  7. Russian Literature (the fourth of the month)
  8. Russian for Beginners
  9. Russian for Beginners/ IntermediateStudents
  10. Russian Conversation-Discussion:Beginners
  1. Sculpture
  2. We Can Paint
  3. Cooking Club (2nd of the month)
  4. Understanding Russia Lectures
  5. Nordic Walking
  1. Watercolour & PastelsGroup
  2. Paintingon Silk / Batik Group
  3. Bones For Life
  4. Fancy Moscow tours
  5. Russian for Beginners
  6. Russian for Beginners/ IntermediateStudents
  7. Russian Conversation Elementary
  1. Wine and Food Tasting Group
  2. IWC Museum Visits (Occasionally)
  1. IWC Museum Visits (Occasionally)
  1. Moscow IWC Photo Club
  2. Traditional Textile Russian Doll Making
  3. Matryoshka Painting Course
  4. Business lunch
  5. Russian Art History Group
  6. Vocal and Piano Lessons