On November 12th, 2021, a bill was presented stating that from February 1st, 2022, in Moscow it will be mandatory to present a QR code to access cultural institutions, public places, all public transportation, non-food stores and restaurants. Starting from February 1st, it will be possible to obtain this code only if you have been vaccinated in Moscow or Russia; it is personal and non-transferrable.

Getting vaccinated in Moscow, with Russian vaccines, is inexpensive and easy even for expats, in fact, it is enough to show your passport at any clinic where they carry out vaccinations. In some clinics SNILS (Pension Fund Number) is required. On the contrary, the process for obtaining the QR code is often a bit more complicated, especially if you do not speak the Russian language fluently. Many of our members have already been able to get the QR code, many others have not! In some cases, it was necessary to apply for the SNILS, other times, however, it was not required.  IWC always tries to support its members, as best possible, by providing information and guidance on how to navigate Moscow and would like to provide certain information regarding this new legislation as well.

Unfortunately, the information we have related to obtaining the QR Code is often different and discordant from each other. It is therefore difficult for us to know precisely which the is the best process to recommend in order to obtain your QR code. We turned to our partner, Welcome Abroad, which has made itself available to our members seeking the QR code. Only with the possession of the QR code, will members be able to enjoy all the beautiful aspects of Moscow, Russia and IWC events.

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More info from Stopkoronavirus are on this link:

 Certificate – Frequently Asked Questions | Coronavirus COVID-19: Official information about the coronavirus in Russia on the portal – stopcoronavirus.rf (xn--80aesfpebagmfblc0a.xn--p1ai)