Speransky Children Hospital
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The Speransky Children’s hospital

Some of the children coming here have total body burns and doctors do their best to cure them. The most difficult cases require long term rehabilitation and imported medical treatment, which is not financed by the state government. The IWC Charity Fund is glad to support these expenses.

We cover the costs of:

You can share your time and skills with the children, who spend long weeks in the hospital. Come and play with them, assist the actors during the puppet show, or support the hospital financially. Children will show you their gratitude if you simply devote your time to them.

Thermal plastic sheeting, used in the treatment of burns, to prevent hypertrophic burn scars and contractures medical materials for Burn Unit – special concrete gel and special creams for the burned skin hydration

Theatre project – there are 2 puppet shows organized for children at the Burn Unit. It is a part of the play therapy program, which has proved to be a vital part of the recovery process for children suffering from traumas.

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