The IWC Steering Committee meets once a month, usually the first Thursday of the month and manages all aspects of IWC membership, meetings and events. The IWC charity projects are managed by the Charity Board.

Here you can find more information about us and contact us with any questions!

IWC Steering Committee 2022-2023


Tobi Shawabkah

General Officer Chair

Public Relations Chair

Irina Shallan

Membership Chair

Disha Jagad

Interest Groups Chair

Meet & Greet Chair

Sona Aslanian & Enait Krausz

IWC Evenings Chair & co-chair

Monica Radicati & Elena Egger

Newsletter Editor

Naree Jung

Website chair

Partnership Chair & co-chair

Christi Rolland & Fitria Wibowo

Recording Officer chair

IWC Treasurer:

Naree Jung

Charity Chair & co-chair

Aldona Krajewska & Dana Rehakova

Charity Treasurer

Linda Mjazeka