Come forward and help! The club is run by Volunteers only! Check out all our Vacancies here. Enquire how can you help; write to iwcgeneralofficer@gmail.com.

Ladies, Moscow will be an unforgettable city in your memory forever!! If you are new or have been living in the city for a while, you CAN make a huge difference to yourselves and toward the expat community in Moscow.

Let’s continue to run this extremely useful, active and social Expat Women’s Club by being a bit more active and doing a few things in the Club so it continues to help more and more expat women! This year club celebrates its 40th year of existence.

The club is looking for ladies who can be a
Charities Co chair
Interest Group Co chair
Public Relations Co chair
Assistant Partnership chair
Winter Bazaar Co chair
Membership Co chair
Assistant Newsletter Editor
Website Editor.

Volunteer with the IWC Moscow
Volunteering is a service to humanity! Check out Vacancies.


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    esther langevin says

    I am interested in joining your club.
    Can you please let me know how l can do this.
    Esther Langevin.

    • Reply
      expatallmylife says

      Hi Esther,
      Thank you for your interest in joining our club. We welcome all newcomers and volunteers in the club.
      Just one question before I explain how to join the club, do you live in Moscow?
      As this club is for foreigners living in Moscow, you can help us if you are in Moscow.

      Many Thanks.

      Kind Regards,

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