The IWC is the largest women’s club in Moscow and is open to all expatriate women and men residing in Moscow.

You can become an IWC member at any one of our Meet & Greets or Coffee Mornings. Our annual membership fee is RUR 5000 (no other currencies, credit cards or checks are accepted). The membership season runs from September through August, but you can join at any time. Guests are welcome but must pay a RUR 400 guest fee and cannot join any IWC interest groups unless they are a paying club member.

Your membership badge is important. Please bring yours to all meetings and coffee mornings. Your badge allows us to know that you are a club member, and allows other members and newcomers to learn your name and where you are from.

Membership has its rewards! Apart from meeting new friends and being part of a vibrant international community, the IWC membership offers you: