Welcome to the IWC Charity Group

The IWC Charities Fund is an integral and vital part of the International Women’s Club of Moscow.

 Our aim is to help those in need!

Our charity work began in Russia in 1988, so we have already been serving the people of this country for 40 years! We are fully supported by the donations gathered via various IWC charity events organized through the year. Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends of IWC, we can support several long term projects. Depending on the current financial statement, we also provide once-off help to people in critical or unexpected life situations. Our project leaders meet those we are taking care of. Seeing them on a regular basis we can guarantee that the money of our donors is spent wisely. We careabout the transparency of our expenses - every single Ruble is spent only after the agreement of the Charity Board’s steering committee. Ladies who are volunteering for IWC Charity do it for free, but with as much effort as if it were their own paid work.

Mission Statement

The IWC Charities Group is run by members from many different countries who want to work together to reach out to people in this country and make the difference.  The purpose is to ensure that the IWC Charities Group is able to help those who need it. As the IWC Charities Group is run by volunteers, there are no administrative costs included, so all donations go directly to those in need.

As a women’s organization we have decided to focus our primary attention on children. We have based this decision on the fact that children represent a society’s future, thus providing an opportunity to invest for the longer term and that in many cases intervention can be life-changing – for the child, for the family and beyond.

Financial Sources

Every year we organize a few charity events with two main big events - IWC Winter Bazaar and the IWC Embassies Dinner & Ball. As we would like to use every possibility to raise funds, we also organize further events during the year as the IWC Meet & Greet meetings. We organize them with help of volunteers and we are always happy to welcome ladies, who would like to develop and maintain their organisational skills.  The Winter Bazaar is the IWC’s largest charity fundraiser, and an important social and cultural event. The continual success of the IWC Winter Bazaars is related to the generosity and support from the Embassies and Business Communities. During the event, we also provide
a program of solidarity and fun to the thousands of foreign and local participants. The revenues from the Bazaar goes integrally to various charity projects, monitored and supervised by the IWC Charities.

The IWC Charities Group has its own Treasurer , who is responsible for keeping of the cash flow and collecting of the acknowledgements and receipts received from supported charity projects.

What do we support?

In the charity work, we focus our support on: Children from poor and unstable families, in orphanages or other institutions and those in the medical need. Elderly and destitute (pensioners, homeless). Our Donation Office collects and redistributes second hand items (clothes, shoes, home equipment - all still in good condition) to various charities. If you want to get involved in a charity, want to support us or have any ideas how to improve our work, please contact us: iwccharitycc@gmail.com.

Please, find all the charity project active for 2020-2021

Part of the our funds go to the Elderly and Destitute (EAD)mostly pensioners and homeless.

Separately, the IWC Charities Group also runs the Donations Office (DON), which collects and redistributes items to various charities. To learn more about Donations Office click here.

We have a very structured Charities Board, which  supports and monitors every penny spent. The board works closely with IWC committee.

How can you help?

It is possible in different ways - please find yours:

  1. buying Raffles at the Meet&Greet and other IWC meetings;
  2. participating in IWC Charity events like Winter Bazaar, Ball, artist auction;
  3. donating money;
  4. bringing your friends or business companies to support IWC Charities Fund helping us reach more partners;
  5. helping us organize charity events donating your pieces of work or anything you would like to share or put on an auction or raffle prizes;
  6. volunteering your time and your personal skills with pensioners or children;
  7. donating used clothing, shoes, household items, canned food in the donation office or charity institutions;

You can help us organize our charity events throughout the year. This will enable you to use and develop your organizational and negotiation skills. We need people, contacting and searching for partners among the business community, approaching the Embassies, hotels, galleries, churches, etc for organizing social, art or professional events. You can also bring us your ideas to gather more funds for charities.Are you interested in helping? We have many different roles avaiable within the IWC Charities Group.

The challenge many members face  is finding the time to volunteer. If you are unsure about how much time to spare, contact us and we can help you on the different volunteering opportunities we have for you, feel free to contact us with your questions to iwccharitycc@gmail.com