Food for Needy Students

The catholic centre provides lunches on Sundays and weekly food bags for disadvantaged students from Africa and South America. We provided funds for lunches for 1500 students and 1000 food bags. You can also read about the projects in category “Children in Families”.

Charity Fund Metis

This fund helps children from mixed race families whose fathers left to their motherland and do not support their families. IWC provides 34 children with food support. Visit Charity Fund Metis on: The photo courtesy :

Don Bosco Children’s Home

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This home cares for 36 children aged between 7 and 18. Children come from disadvantaged families and are living with foster mothers in a safe and caring environment. IWC funds are covering the costs of food for 36 children. Unlike many children’s homes in the city, most children at Don...

Operation Hope

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Operation Hope is a place which helps children with neurological serious disorder – epilepsy. In Russia, surgical treatment started only 10 years ago but only 2% of those who need it received that help. This is due to the high costs of pre-surgery tests, which are mandatory (brain MRI and...