The IWC Steering Committee meets once a month, usually the first Thursday of the month and manages all aspects of IWC Membership, Meetings and Events. IWC charity projects are managed by the Charity Board. These are the current members of the IWC Steering Committee. For details of any vacant positions, please see our Steering Committee Vacancies page.

Gopa President of the IWC Moscow

Dr. Gopa Chakroborty

I am Gopa Chokroborty, Indian by birth, wife by emotion, mother by choice, pediatrician by profession and humbled by the opportunity in being able to serve the club as it’s...

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Alla IWC Moscow Member

Alla Zencovich

Alla works at МИД России. She has been the founding member of the IWC. Her knowledge of Russian culture and diverse postings as a spouse of an Ambassador has benefitted the...

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Machteld Lepeer IWC Moscow

Machteld Lepeer

I moved to Moscow with my husband in 2014, I’m on the Steering Committee soon after arriving here. Originally from Belgium, I had only been working for a few months...

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Tanya Roode

She is a Pre-Primary teacher who specializes in special education and pre-school development. She was a teacher for twenty years. She also did my training as Spinning Instructor and as...

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Slavica Hendrikx IWC Moscow

Slavica Hendrikx

Slavica is a graduated Lawyer, specializes in labour law. She organises yoga classes in Moscow for corporate clients. She is an extensively trained teacher in Yoga. In the past she...

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Public Relations Chair at the IWC Moscow

Elena Kubantseva

Hi, I am Elena, from Russia. I am fortunate to have an exciting opportunity in volunteering for the IWC and help people. 

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Liana Maruthi

I consider myself as a highly motivated person with exceptional multi-tasking skills and 11 years of working experiences. Able to relate well with people at all levels and have the...

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Gerda Kassing IWC Moscow

Gerda Kassing

Alina is International Women's Evening Chair at the IWC Moscow

Alina Jaravine

Moving and traveling gives us a great experience on life and wisdom, friendship and cultural flexibility.  I offer my experience – marketing, training, coaching, traveling to our great International women’s...

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Charity Co-chair at the IWC Moscow

Nargiz Alizada

One of the main meanings of life for me is to help people and make whomever I meet happy. Maybe because of this I enjoy Charity work. I originally come...

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